OTAC Delivering quality infrastructure OTAC Delivering quality infrastructure OTAC Delivering quality infrastructure
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Orient Trading and Contracting LLC (OTAC) is a leading Egyptian privately owned, specialized contractor focusing on earthwork, roadwork, and civil industrial and residential projects.
Founded in 1978 by Mr. Sherif Hegazy, OTAC’s mission is to become the partner of choice of clients seeking top notch construction quality at competitive prices while following best practice industry standards in terms of accuracy, commitment, and professionalism.


Key selected Projects (non-exhaustive list)


OTAC offers end to end infrastructure construction services including earthwork, roadwork and civil work.


OTAC has a large modern fleet of earthwork and roadwork equipment with experienced operators and a strong maintenance team.


Since 1978, OTAC has been a leading earthwork and roadwork contractor as it keeps delivering top quality construction projects in Egypt. OTAC’s strengths as a contractor stem from its strong team, long track record, and large pool of resources that permits it to finish projects with top quality on time.


OTAC has an experienced execution team of 50+ professionals backed by a strong core functions office. Team includes

Technical Team

  • Dedicated technical professionals

Project Management

  • Strong project controls unit (scheduling and cost control)

Health and Safety

  • Dedicated and experienced Quality Assurance/Quality Control and Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) teams

Strong Track Record

OTAC is the preferred Road Work and Earthwork subcontractor for a plethora of leading contractors, developers and other leading corporations and institutions

Strong Client list

  • Demonstrated capability to deliver project to the most sophisticated clients
  • High Percentage of repeat clients and direct order awards

Project Management

  • Knowledge of best practice construction methods

Large Pool of Resources

In addition to its internal resources, the company can also tap into its large pool of external resources to increase capacity when it is needed to expedite execution to meet tight milestones


  • Established relationships with local material suppliers across Egypt in both the private and public sectors
  • Ability to source imported material when needed


  • Ability to lease construction equipment from multiple smaller subcontractors
  • Long list of subcontractors for material disposal and transportation


  • Strong relationships with different engineering consultants who consistently provide technical assistance
  • Alliance with multiple firms for material testing and required engineering work

Range of Services

Earthwork and Roadwork

  • Excavation and backfilling
  • Asphalt concrete pavements of roads, highways and parking areas
  • Concrete slabs and pavements
  • Curbstone and Interlock work
  • Landscaping


Civil Work

  • Irrigation networks
  • Electrical cables and light poles
  • Concrete retaining walls
  • Concrete flooring

Headquarters :

Mohandessin Towers 11/9 , Nile Cornish , Cairo , Egypt

(02) 2374 7617 – (02) 2371 4889

(02) 2374 7614

Administrative Premises :

75 Saad Zalam Street off Nile Cornish , Cairo , Egypt

(02) 2528 0360

(02) 2528 0380

Management Team :

Mohamed Hegazy    01005454164

Noha Hegazy    01119745555

Wael Farouk     01006638186

Fayez Saged     01066646137

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